Saturday, October 31, 2020

Product Review: Codi the Robot by Pillar Learning

Most families would probably admit that they’ve been relying a lot more on screen-oriented activities to entertain their kids during the pandemic. When you’re stuck inside for longer periods, it’s easy to turn on the TV, computer or smartphone to pass the time. The holidays are coming up, so why not get the kids something that’s fun and doesn’t rely on passively watching a screen? A toy that perfectly fits that description is a Codi robot from Pillar Learning! Plus, your kids just might learn a few things from Codi, too.
I was given the opportunity to review Codi, and he’s just adorable. (I refer to Codi as “he,” but if you ask him directly whether he’s a boy or girl, he will tell you that he’s a robot, and robots aren’t boys or girls!) Codi can do all kinds of things to entertain your family. For example:
  • He plays over 200 classic and original songs, as well as lullabies for helping kids to sleep. Codi will customize your playlist based on the “like” and “dislike” buttons your child presses.
  • Codi tells over 130 stories using all different voices.
  • Codi can teach your children new habits, like how to brush their teeth, clean up, and take a nap.
  • When you connect Codi to WiFi, you can ask him questions! Codi can currently answer more than 50 questions, which are viewable on the Pillar Learning website.
  • Use Codi with headphones for long car rides or places where quiet is needed.
  • There’s an app for parents so they can manage playlists through their smartphone.
  • Codi comes with an adorable blue snowsuit, and there are more outfits available for purchase. These outfits not only make Codi cute and easy to carry, but also protect him from harm when he falls.
  • You can record personalized messages to each other on Codi!
  • Codi has an 8-10-hour battery life for all-day entertainment.
Pillar Learning is continuously upgrading Codi, adding new stories and features. In fact, they just added new stories about how to celebrate the holidays!

I can’t quit saying it: Codi is adorable! I highly recommend Codi for your holiday gift-giving. Your children will love listening to Codi’s songs and stories, recording messages, dressing Codi, asking him questions, and much more. Visit to learn more and purchase Codi.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample to facilitate my honest review.


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