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Knucklehead Fred and the Principal's Challenge Book Tour: Giveaway for a $10 Amazon Gift Card and eBooks

Knucklehead Fred and the Principal's Challenge
Knucklehead Fred Series Book 2
by Arias Williams
Genre: Children's Picture Book 

Knucklehead Fred is a whimsical, rhyming story about a fun-loving, energetic boy named Fred.

After struggling with behavior problems at school, Fred is presented with a challenge by his school principal, Mr. Boronstine. He promises Fred that if he can be a model student for one week, he will be presented with a special surprise.

Will Knucklehead Fred rise to the occasion and be the best he can be? Or will he fail to control himself and miss out on a special treat?

Find out in this second installment of this whimsical children’s book about a mischievous little boy who walks to the beat of his own drum.

The Principal’s Challenge is the second in the Knucklehead Fred series, a collection of stories about the troublemaker you can’t help but love.

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Knucklehead Fred
Knucklehead Fred Series Book 1

Knucklehead Fred is a whimsical, rhyming story about a fun-loving, energetic boy named Fred.

His parents just can’t figure out how to make him sit still and listen!

But when Fred finds himself in need of a favor, Mom and Dad use it as a perfect opportunity to teach him a thing or two about responsibility.

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Arias Williams is a creative based in Los Angeles, CA.

He is a father of two children, a husband, and currently teaches 7th Grade in South Los Angeles.

When he isn't working on Knucklehead Fred, Arias can be found in his home studio making beats, hanging with his family, or working to educate the future of Los Angeles. 

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$10 Amazon, eBook of both books – 1 winner each

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Release Blitz: "Summer of L.U.C.K.," a Middle-Grade Fantasy Novel by Laura Segal Stegman ~ Read an Excerpt!

Middle-Grade Contemporary Fantasy

Published Date: 9-15-20

Publisher: INtense Publications LLC

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Stuttering Darby is never perfect enough for her mother. Justin's been silent since his dad died. Naz is struggling to learn English. But after they meet at summer camp, mysterious calliope music from an abandoned warehouse grants them power to communicate without words. When they sneak inside, the dark, empty space bursts into a magical carnival. They're greeted by the ghost of Leroy Usher, who asks for their help convincing his family to restore the carnival to its former glory. In return, he promises to teach the kids how to find their voices. As Darby, Justin, and Naz are swept off on a series of midnight adventures via Mr. Usher's carnival rides, they discover they're capable of more than they ever imagined. With each challenge, their confidence in communicating -- and in themselves -- grows. Meanwhile, they scheme to persuade the Usher family to revive the carnival. But when Darby’s bunkmates trick her into starring in the camp talent show, her budding confidence falters. Can she risk being less than perfect by performing in the show and speaking up to Mr. Usher's resistant son? If not, she'll put the carnival in danger and sabotage her most important quest: to believe in herself, stutter and all. 


Chattering blackbirds and blue jays pulled her back to her surroundings. The scent of wintergreen berries, bluebells, and wild sassafras from the bushes restored her resolve to continue by herself. She walked a bit faster up a steep incline, removing her official Camp Inch Sweatshirt and tying it around her thin waist.

At the hilltop, one sign pointing left read CAMP INCH VIA WHITE FALLS HIGHWAY: 1/4 MILE EAST. Another pointed right, cautioning PRIVATE PROPERTY! Her pulse quickened. She followed it past bushes and trees.

Below her, an orange football-field-sized building, dressed up with castle-like turrets at each corner, rose several stories high. Darby smiled with glee. I found it! Massive green letters spelling out "L.U.C.K." were painted on its side, glowing brighter than ever. A surrounding fieldstone wall led eastward toward camp.

She hurried down to a spot beside the immense wall where ten golden horseshoes sat lodged in concrete. Same as when Monica and I found them! The sun glinted on a colorless glass circle embedded above the horseshoes. Last time they'd rushed too much to notice the lines inscribed on it. Now, she knelt to read what they said.

All That We Give

Comes Back to Benefit Ourselves

With no time to figure that out, she placed her feet inside two of the horseshoes, like last year. Her heart pounding, she waited anxiously for the faint rumbling she and Monica had heard -- or possibly imagined.

Will it even work without her?

The ground trembled ever so slightly beneath her.

She shivered with relief. Yes, I feel it!

Last year, their counselor came after them to end the adventure before it began. This time, the rumbling got louder. Darby ducked to avoid the small rocks and dust that fell from the stone wall looming above her head. Grating and creaking accompanied deep vibrations inside the fieldstone. A Darby-size section swung out on hinges, exposing a latch chain fastened to an old wooden door. She tried to remember to breathe. Or how to breathe. Overcoming the urge to back away, she yanked the chain, pushed the door open, and strained to see.

For a few seconds, semi-darkness that lay beyond kept her cemented in place. Finally, anticipation conquered her apprehension. I can't stop now. Electrified, Darby squared her shoulders and stepped inside.


About the Author

Laura Segal Stegman grew up with parents who valued reading, and she still finds herself spellbound by middle-grade fiction. Some of her favorites, then and now, are The Diamond in the Window, Ellen Tebbits, All of a Kind Family, Wonder, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and The Miraculous. As a writer, her non-fiction credits include collaboration on the travel book, Only in New York, and her feature stories have appeared in Los Angeles Times and Westways Magazine, among others. A long-time publicist, she has represented numerous arts organizations. Summer of L.U.C.K. is her debut novel.

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Twitter: @LauraStegman

Instagram: laura_stegman



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DVD Giveaway: SEA LEVEL and SEA LEVEL 2: MAGIC ARCH ~ 5 Winners!

Last month, I featured the trailer for the upcoming animated double feature, SEA LEVEL and the all-new SEA LEVEL 2: MAGIC ARCH. This month, I'm featuring a giveaway of this fun new title, which arrives on DVD, Digital, and On Demand from Lionsgate on September 29. These underwater adventures will be available on one disc for the suggested retail price $16.98. 

Pup, a bamboo shark, discovers egg sacs while playing around the ocean with his friends. When he sees human poachers stealing the eggs from his reef, Pup makes it his mission to save his family. As he leaves the sea and enters the beautiful, yet dangerous, world of humans, he will prove he isn’t too small to save his family. 

This thrilling, colorful comedy will take your family under the sea to a land of courage and adventure. One day, Dephi the dolphin discovers a magical archway that grants wishes to all who visit. But evil moray eels use the arch to become gigantic and menace peaceful Fish Town. Now, Delphi must summon his courage, master his “secret punch” fighting technique, and find his missing father to rescue his friends and win the love of pretty Mia. It’s time for this dolphin to get swimmin’! 


Five (5) lucky families will receive a DVD copy of SEA LEVEL and SEA LEVEL 2: MAGIC ARCH. Enter through the Giveaway Tools form below. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 PM EST on September 28, 2020.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Celebrate the Premiere of "Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs" with a Delicious Mini Apple Pies Recipe!

Magic mirror on the wall, which apple pie recipe is the fairest of them all? Why, this one, of course! In celebration of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs, premiering on Digital and On Demand September 18 and available to own on Blu-ray and DVD September 22, we're excited to share Snow White's magically delicious Mini Apple Pies recipe. Click on the banner below so you and your kids can eat dessert happily ever after! Be sure to scroll down to learn more about the movie and watch the trailer!

About the movie:

This outrageous fairy-tale spoof starts as Snow White steals a pair of red shoes that transform her into a princess. Meanwhile, a witch’s curse turns seven brave princes into dwarfs, forcing them to seek out the princess, hoping for a kiss to break their spell. Together, they must face Snow White’s wicked stepmother -- who will stop at nothing to get her precious shoes back -- and, along the way, learn that true beauty lies within!

Go behind the scenes of this must-own animated adventure with enchanting Blu-ray and DVD bonus features, including two “making-of” featurettes and two music videos featuring the all-new original songs! The Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs Blu-ray and DVD will be available for the price of $21.99 and $19.98, respectively.

Watch the trailer!


“The Making of Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” Featurette
“From Storyboard to Animation: Creating Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs” Featurette
“Start of Something Right” Music Video
“Something So Beautiful” Music Video

Disclosure: This post contains my Amazon affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission on purchases made through this link.

The Reluctant Wizard Book Tour: Giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card

The Reluctant Wizard
by A.A. Warne
Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy 

By day, wizards rule the world. At night, warlocks seek to destroy it. Now, one boy will challenge them both. 

Eli never wanted to be a rebel. All he wants is an end to the famine and war threatening his community. To save his mother and baby brother from marauding warlocks, Eli is forced to make a heartbreaking decision. He must travel to Terra Magicae, the mysterious land of the wizards, to study magic. In exchange, the wizards will protect his family, but this protection comes at a price: once Eli enters the Grand Wizardry Academy, he may never come home. 

Full of lush landscapes and magical marvels, Terra Magicae is more wondrous than Eli ever imagined… and more dangerous. At first, Eli’s struggles to fit in at the Academy seem ordinary. But the more he questions the wizards, the more he suspects a sinister purpose behind their bizarre rules and tests. For a dark secret lies at the heart of this mystical land, one so terrible it threatens not only the students at the Academy but the lives of everyone Eli loves. 

To save them all, Eli must step into the midst of the battle between the wizards and warlocks and defy both sides. He must become the rebel he was always meant to be.

A.A. Warne writes elaborate, strange, dark and twisted stories. In other words, speculative fiction.

Located at the bottom of the Blue Mountains in Sydney, Australia, Amanda was born an artist and grew up a painter before deciding to study pottery.

But it wasn't until she found the art of the written word that her universe expanded.
A graduate of Western Sydney University in arts, Amanda now spends her time wrestling three kids and writing full-time.

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Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Sunday, September 06, 2020

"Thomas and the Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition)" Arrives on Blu-ray+DVD on September 29! Let's Celebrate with a Giveaway (2 Winners)!

Are you and your family fans of Thomas the Tank Engine? Then I've got some great news for you! The beloved fan-favorite Thomas and the Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition) is coming to Blu-ray + DVD on September 29 from Shout! Kids, marking the first time the film will be available in high definition. The release is packed with extensive special features, sure to thrill fans who have long clamored for the film’s deleted scenes to be released. The list of special features includes new interviews with the film’s stars Alec Baldwin, Mara Wilson, and Didi Conn, as well as the film’s composer Hummie Mann, a two-part documentary with writer / director / producer Britt Allcroft, a behind-the-scenes reel, and deleted storylines and lost scenes, including deleted scenes with Peter Fonda, Didi Conn, Russell Means, and Doug Lennox.

Starring Alec Baldwin (The Boss Baby, 30 Rock), Mara Wilson (Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda), Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, Ulee’s Gold), Didi Conn (Grease, Shining Time Station), Russell Means (Last of the Mohicans, Pocahontas), and, of course, Thomas the Tank Engine, Thomas and the Magic Railroad is a longtime family-favorite.

About the show:
For as long as anyone can remember, the magical Island of Sodor has been the realm of enchantment, innocence, and talking train engines. Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin) is taking care of the whole railway whilst Sir Topham Hatt is away.

Mr. C comes from a family of miniature Conductors who travel between the Island of Sodor and Shining Time Station thanks to a supply of mysterious gold dust. However, Sodor’s steam engines suddenly find themselves heading for a load of trouble courtesy of the railroad baddie Diesel 10, whose plan is to destroy our hero Thomas and Mr. C, and then take over Sodor before Sir Topham Hatt’s return. Thomas and Mr. C must save the engines before his dwindling supply of gold dust runs out!

Lily (Mara Wilson) has a hunch that her grandfather (Peter Fonda), up in his workshop on Muffle Mountain, can be the one to crack the code that will save the Conductor family and bring back to life the Magic Railroad, which runs between Sodor and the beautiful Indian Valley surrounding Shining Time. Lily teams up with Mr. C and Thomas and sets out to get Sodor back on track in this beloved, full-length adventure starring the world’s #1 tank engine.

Watch the trailer!


· ”Return to Shining Time: Your Ticket to Thomas and the Magic Railroad” – Two-Part Documentary with Writer/Director/Producer Britt Allcroft
· “Hello Mr. Conductor” – Interview With Alec Baldwin
· “Finding Your Sparkle” – Interview With Mara Wilson
· “There’s Something About This Place” – Interview With Didi Conn
· “The Sounds of Sodor” – Interview with Composer Hummie Mann
· Behind-the-Scenes Reel
· Deleted Story Lines


Two (2) lucky winners will receive a Blu-ray+DVD copy of Thomas and the Magic Railroad (20th Anniversary Edition)! Enter through the Giveaway Tools below. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and ends at 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, September 27, 2020.

Friday, September 04, 2020

Children's Book Review: The Little Kitten, by Nicola Killen

The Little Kitten
by Nicola Killen

About the book: 
From beloved author-illustrator Nicola Killen comes a charming autumnal story about a little girl who must return a lost kitten to its home, lovingly told and illustrated in limited color with lovely foil and interactive die-cut pages. 

Ollie and her cat Pumpkin are out frolicking on a beautiful fall day when they come upon a tiny kitten shivering in a pile of fallen leaves. Ollie warms up the kitten, and the three become fast friends. But when Ollie sees “Lost Kitten” posters hanging on the trees in the forest, she knows she has to help her new friend get home. As Halloween draws nearer, magic is afoot, and Ollie’s good deed is rewarded in an unexpected way. 

My review:
Fall begins this month, and what better way to celebrate than by reading a lovely autumn-themed picture book together! The Little Kitten, written and illustrated by Nicola Killen, is a charming tale of a little girl, Ollie, who helps a kitten find his way home. In the meantime, she loses track of her own cat, Pumpkin, and gets lost herself! Fortunately, Ollie keeps her cool, and Pumpkin shows up to lead the way home. This story even has a magical Halloween twist at the end, and young readers will notice that Ollie is wearing a kitty costume throughout the book. The pages are beautifully illustrated with sparkly orange leaves and a calming orange-and-gray color palette. The Little Kitten is sure to become a classic and enjoyed by children over and over again.

About the author and illustrator: 
Nicola Killen has always loved drawing and still likes nothing better than taking her sketchbook to the zoo to draw her favorite animals: rhinos and penguins. She designed cards before starting an MA in children’s book illustration at Cambridge School of Art, and since then she has been working on her own books, including The Little Reindeer, which was called “an original and entertaining Christmas story with its own understated charm” in a starred review by Kirkus Reviews and “magical” by Publishers Weekly. The Little Reindeer was named a Horn Book Holiday High Note. Nicola Killen lives and works in Cambridge, England.



Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book to facilitate my honest review. This post contains my Amazon affiliate link, and I will receive a small commission on purchases made through this link.

Thursday, September 03, 2020

Charlie's Christmas Wish: Coming to DVD, Digital and On Demand November 10 ~ Watch the Trailer!

Just in time for the holidays comes a feel-good family film with a lovable dog, Charlie’s Christmas Wish, unwrapping on DVD, Digital, and On Demand November 10 from Lionsgate. Awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for All Ages, Aiden Turner, Lindsey McKeon, Jay M. Brooks and Diane Ladd star in this heartwarming tale. The Charlie’s Christmas Wish DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $14.98. Check out the trailer below. 


About the film:
In this heartwarming holiday film starring Aiden Turner (“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”), a troubled war vet’s family finds new hope from a scrappy little rescue dog. Discharged and sent home for the holidays, John (Turner) tries hard to adapt to civilian life -- and to son Jimmy’s new pet, a feisty terrier named Charlie. As the family meets other struggling local veterans, they know it’ll take a miracle to bring peace to them and to John. Good thing Charlie has a direct line to the Man Upstairs... 

Stay tuned because I'll have a review and giveaway of Charlie's Christmas Wish coming very soon!