Friday, June 28, 2019

Wondrous Weekly Giveaway Linky (June 29-July 12, 2019)

Welcome to this week's Wondrous Weekly Giveaway Linky ... actually, I'm going to run this linky for two weeks since many people are busy with their summer activities and may not have as much time to visit these contests. So, be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it daily (or as often as you can) over the next two weeks to see what new giveaways have been added. Be sure to check out the giveaways on my right sidebar, too! And if you're hosting a giveaway on your blog or website, feel free share it in the linky below. Don't forget to invite your social media followers to join the fun. Hope you're having a great summer!

NOTE: Where it asks for "Your Name," enter the name of your giveaway along with the end date. For the URL, enter the exact URL where your giveaway is located. Comments are appreciated but never required. Thank you!


  1. Thanks for getting these all together for us!

  2. I appreciate your linkys!


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