Sunday, March 04, 2018

Celebrate New Beginnings This Spring with the Softsoap Hydra Bliss Hand Soap Collection

Spring is a time when we think about new beginnings. Birds start building their nests to welcome new life. Plants and trees start to bud and flower with the advent of warmer weather. Bathing suits and shorts start to come out of our drawers and closets at the first sign of rising temperatures. Softsoap also celebrates new beginnings. If you think about it, every hand wash is a fresh new beginning for your hands. When you wash off the dirt and grime of the past, you’re ready to tackle a new project or activity.

In our household, we emphasize a lot of hand washing. It’s a great habit to get into whenever we return home, get ready to eat or cook, and at the beginning and end of a busy day.

My son washes his hands as soon as he gets home from school so he can get rid of any germs he may have picked up at school and can get going on his homework … or video games!

One of the first things one of my other sons does in the morning is to get ready for the day by brushing his teeth and washing his hands so he can have a little cuddle time with Jack the cat.

My husband’s washing-up usually comes after his many home-maintenance projects, like mowing the lawn. His hand washing is often accompanied by a full shower!

Needless to say, our family goes through a lot of soap in our house, and Softsoap makes some of my favorites. I love their scrumptious scents, as well as the cleaning power they have to help my family practice good hygiene. These days, we’re using the new Softsoap Hydra Bliss Hand Soap collection, which comes in two incredible scents: Coconut Water & Blueberry and Cucumber Water & Mint. And they look as pretty as they smell! I hope you and your family will celebrate the season of spring and new beginnings by picking up some Softsoap and encouraging everyone in the family to wash, wash, wash!

Disclosure: I received complimentary product samples to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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