Friday, December 02, 2016

Master Lock Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Safety for the Holidays

Over the past few years, I’ve had the privilege of being on the Master Lock Live Secure Safety Squad. I’ve been able to try a variety of terrific products from Master Lock and share them with you! Master Lock products all share a common purpose: to enhance our families’ safety and security. Nothing could be more important than making sure that our loved ones, homes, valuables and documents are secure. The holidays are all about family, so it’s the ideal time to choose gifts from Master Lock! Following are some gift ideas for those you love:

For the college student:

A laptop is a must-have for today’s college student, but that big investment needs to be protected from theft. Be sure to include a computer lock so he’ll have that computer for the duration of his college years!

For the teenager:

Every teenager guards her privacy, and the Safe Space provides a great place for her to keep her cell phone, jewelry and love notes away from prying siblings!

For the child:

If Santa is bringing your child a bike this year, be sure to provide a bike lock to keep it safe from theft! You can set the combination using arrows, letters or numbers, making it easy to use for any age.

For the traveler:

These locks are ideal because they protect your belongings while you travel, but still allow TSA personnel to inspect your luggage without harming it.

For the senior citizen:

If Grandma or Grandpa lives alone, they’ll feel much more secure with a security bar on their sliding glass doors.

For the handy guy:

Lock up the shed with this unique padlock that can be opened with a smartphone! Never worry about losing a key or forgetting the combination.

For the jogger:

Do you worry about your sister, daughter or other loved one jogging alone? Provide her with protection thanks to Master Lock’s pepper spray! It offers immediate impact, blinding attackers temporarily, causing coughing, gagging, and tearing.

The items above are just a small glimpse at all of the wonderful gifts available at Head on over to their website to place an order or click on Where to Buy to find a retailer near you!

Disclosure: As a member of the Live Secure Safety Squad, I receive product samples and compensation to facilitate my honest opinions and share valuable information with my readers.


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