Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the Stressed-Out Mom

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Lately, I’ve been feeling especially stressed out. I’ve been super-busy at work, so I’ve been working more hours. I have tons of products lined up to review on my blogs. I have freelance editing work to get done. And my kids have needed a lot of help with homework (thumbs down to Algebra!). So, I’ve been daydreaming about some really great gifts that Santa could bring that would help alleviate my stress. I hope you’ll consider these ideas for a stressed-out mom in your life!

1) Hire a cleaning service to clean her house for the holidays.
2) Arrange for some meals to be delivered from a home delivery service.
3) Give a gift certificate to her favorite hair salon to get her hair done or get a manicure.
4) Have her car washed and detailed.
5) Take her kids for the weekend so she can get things done.
6) Arrange for her to have a weekend vacation.
7) Organize her closets.
8) Wrap her Christmas gifts and/or address her Christmas cards.
9) Weed through all of the junk email she receives.
10) Give her a hug!

If you’re a stressed-out mom or live with one, what gift ideas do you have?


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