Monday, September 26, 2016

No More Slouching or Poor Posture with a Lumo Lift!

I’ve had poor posture all my life -- just call me a Super Sloucher! -- so I’m always excited about methods that remind to sit and stand up straight. Not only will good posture enhance my appearance, but it also improves my breathing and makes me look and feel more confident. That’s why I was excited for the opportunity to try a Lumo Lift! It works along with an app on my smartphone to detect when I’m slouching and remind me to straighten up. Watch the video below to see how the Lumo Lift works.

As you can see, the Lumo Lift is very discreet and can be attached to your clothing with a powerful magnet. Mine came with magnets in two different colors -- black and silver -- so I can choose the one I want if it’s going to be visible. You can also get sets of colored clasps or Swarovski® Jewelry Clasps (shown below), which look great on your clothes! There’s even a special clasp that allows you to attach the Lumo Lift to your bra strap. I really like it because I’m less likely to forget to remove the Lumo Lift when I take off my shirt at night. I don’t want my Lumo Lift to end up in the laundry!

The app was really easy to download on my smartphone and sync with my Lumo Lift. I can see how successful I’ve been each day in staying in good posture, and it even shows me a little reminder each morning to be sure I don’t forget to wear my Lumo Lift. It comes with a USB charger that I can plug into my computer or use with my phone adapter.

I was worried at first that people would hear me “buzzing” when I was slouching, but I never had anyone ask me what was going on, so I assume they didn’t hear it. As soon as it buzzes, I straighten up, and this position is becoming more of a habit for me.

You can purchase the Lumo Lift and accessories at Shipping is free in the United States and you even get a 30-day money-back guarantee! You have nothing to lose except your slouch. I hope you’ll visit Lumo Body Tech through the sites below.

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample to facilitate my honest review.


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