Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Get a Great Night’s Sleep with an Ergonomically Designed, Cooling GhostPillow!

Last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing a GhostBed mattress, which is shipped right to your home and is amazingly comfortable! My son continues to sleep wonderfully on it, and overnight guests often comment on how well they sleep on the GhostBed. Nature’s Sleep, maker of the GhostBed, is on a mission to improve the quality of our sleep, which is why they’ve launched a natural follow-up to the mattress (and boxspring) -- the GhostPillow!

The GhostPillow has been ergonomically designed to help keep your spine properly aligned and is made with something called “thermos sensitive technology,” which actually senses heat and adjusts to keep the temperature neutral. My husband has a big issue with pillows that are too hot, so the GhostPillow is perfect for him because it helps to keep his head cool while he sleeps. The pillow is made with aerated gel memory foam so that air circulates through it.

My favorite feature of the GhostPillow is that it has really held its firm shape. So many pillows collapse within a few weeks or months, making you feel like you’re suffocating. But the GhostPillow is still plush and comfortable. I feel like I breathe better when using it. And did I mention that it even has a relaxing lavender smell? I also like that the zippered cover is removable for easy washing.

Watch the (humorous) video below for more information on the GhostPillow:

Visit to learn more about GhostPillows and purchase some today! You can have them shipped to your home for free and even get a 5-year warranty!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product sample to facilitate my honest review.


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