Friday, July 22, 2016

3M Products from Shoplet for a More Comfortable Work Environment

I have two offices -- one at the library where I work four days a week, and another at home where I do freelance work and blogging. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time at a desk, typing on a computer, so it’s important that I be as comfortable as possible. That’s why I’m in love with several of the 3M products available at Shoplet!

Honestly, I never thought I needed a wrist rest with my mouse, but the minute I started using this product, my wrist was in heaven! I can’t imagine not having one now. It provides so much support for my wrist. It’s not rubbing against the rough surface of the mouse pad or desk anymore. It’s like resting my wrist on a pillow. I love, love, love it! In fact, I’m going to get a second one so I have one for both of my desks. I just can’t live without it.

If you read my thoughts above on the 3M Mouse Pad with Gel Wrist Rest, I feel the same about this Gel Wrist Rest for Keyboards. I am a touch typist and was worried that this product would affect how I interact with the keys, but I haven’t had any problems whatsoever adjusting to having my wrist elevated while I type. And because my wrist is now straight instead of angled, it doesn’t get sore anymore after long typing sessions. It’s amazing!

I love that this Monitor Stand from 3M is adjustable because we all vary in height and the size of our screens. This stand allows users to put their monitor at eye level, and at a height that is most comfortable for viewing. You can easily adjust the height from 1.7” to 5.5” in increments of 1.25”. And it comes in a sleek black color and design that goes with any d├ęcor. If you like your monitor high, you can easily store desktop items under the stand.

All of the 3M products above, available at Shoplet, have vastly improved my work environment by helping me to be as comfortable as possible. The better I feel, the more productive I can be. I highly recommend them to anyone who spends significant amounts of time at a desk. Click on the product links above to purchase these items at Shoplet.

In addition to the products featured above, Shoplet has a huge selection of office supplies, cleaning supplies, and medical supplies. They even carry office furniture! In fact, they are the #1 e-tailer of business and office supplies. I hope you’ll stop by Shoplet today for all of your home, office and school supplies. You can also visit them through the following sites below:

Twitter: @Shoplet

Disclosure: I received complimentary product samples to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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