Friday, August 28, 2015

Two Innovative Products from COOKINA Make Kitchen Clean-Up So Easy!

I have to admit that my husband is the chef in our family. He frequently gets gifts like cooking gadgets, cookware, and utensils. But we love to discover new products for the kitchen together (especially since I’m often responsible for clean-up), such as the following two items from COOKINA!

Nobody likes to clean the oven. It’s a terrible chore. We do have a self-cleaning oven, but it makes the house smell awful when it’s cleaning and we don’t like to use it. So, we were thrilled to learn about the COOKINA Gard Oven Protector. Simply place the oven protector on the bottom of the oven to catch every spill. When it gets splattered, just pull it out, wash it, and put it back in the bottom of the oven.

Watch this video to see how the COOKINA Gard Oven Protector works!

* * *

Another really handy product is the COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet. This is a great alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper. When you place it in the bottom of a cookie sheet or baking pan, it makes clean-up a snap! No need to use oil or scrub the pan afterward. We recently made chicken and fries using a COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet, and clean-up was so easy. No scraping the pan whatsoever. This is especially good for making pizza!

As you can see from my photo, we did a terrible job of cutting our cooking sheet to fit the pan (although it still worked perfectly), but the video below shows you how you can easily cut these cooking sheets to fit just about any pan!

If you’re always looking for ways to create less mess and clean-up in the kitchen, I hope you’ll visit to learn more about COOKINA Gard Oven Protectors and COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheets. These innovative products are a must-have for home cooking!

Disclosure: I received complimentary product samples to facilitate my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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