Sunday, May 03, 2015

Fun Mother’s Day Gift Idea: I LOVE LUCY: I ❤ MOM EDITION on DVD!

I’ve always loved the show I LOVE LUCY, so I was excited to see that CBS Home Entertainment has released a new DVD just in time for Mother’s Day: I LOVE LUCY: I ❤ MOM EDITION. It even comes gift-ready in greeting card packaging! (See photo above.)

The special DVD compilation features four of the most beloved episodes from the legendary series that highlight Lucy’s journey as a mom:

• The emotional episode “Lucy Is Enceinte,” in which Lucy first learns she is pregnant (featuring the touching scene in which Lucy and Ricky shed tears of joy at the news)
• “Lucy Goes to the Hospital" - an absolute phenomenon when it first aired, over 70% of all televisions in America tuned in to see the birth of little Ricky during this landmark episode
• “No Children Allowed” in which the Ricardos and their best friends and neighbors, Fred and Ethel, deal with the stress of a screaming newborn
• “Nursery School,” in which Lucy adjusts to sending little Ricky to school, and later comforts him when he needs to get his tonsils removed

I watched this DVD recently, and it was such a fun, nostalgic trip! The episodes on this disc all aired between December 1952 through December 1955, so they are in black-and-white. I loved the fashions and hairstyles. Ricky and Lucy both smoke cigarettes (although Lucy doesn’t smoke when she’s pregnant), which wasn’t considered taboo back then. Lucy was obviously very pregnant in real life when she filmed the episode during which she was supposedly just finding out that she was pregnant. It was tough to imagine that she had no idea at first that she was pregnant, but they do explain that she’d been married 11 years with no visit from the stork, so that was why she didn’t even think of the possibility. The hospital scenes were fun, too, because Ricky was not allowed to join Lucy in the delivery room and had to stay in the fathers’ waiting room. The two episodes that aired after the baby’s birth are still very relatable to parents today: dealing with a baby who won’t stop crying and sending your child off to preschool for the first time. I loved revisiting these episodes of I LOVE LUCY, and this is a gift that will delight moms of all ages and entertain families for years to come! Best of all, it is very affordably priced at $14.99 or less. I hope you’ll pick up a copy for Mother’s Day for the special mothers and grandmothers in your life!

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