Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hey Dude: The Complete Series Available on DVD at Walmart Only!

For the first time on DVD, Shout! Factory has released Hey Dude: The Complete Series, featuring all 65 episodes of the fan-favorite series.

About Hey Dude:
Come on down to the Bar None Ranch, where well-meaning owner Mr. Ernst (David Brisbin) tries his best to ride herd on his teenage staff, who always seem to be getting into some sort of scrape or other as they work and play on the range. Hey Dude stars Christine Taylor as lifeguard Melody, David Lascher as senior staff member Ted, Kelly Brown as horse trainer Brad, Joe Torres as the easygoing Danny, Debra Kalman as ranch hand Lucy and Josh Tygiel as Ernst’s son, Buddy. Hey Dude ran on Nickelodeon from 1989–1991 and has since become a cult sitcom favorite.

My thoughts:
My kids, age 11, had never seen this show before and have really been enjoying the series! As an adult, I’m having fun seeing young versions of grown-up stars like Christine Taylor, as well as walking down memory lane when I see the hairstyles and clothing from the early 90s. The show is filled with plenty of teenage angst and flirtations that never go out of style, and life on a dude ranch is something that every kid dreams of. Pick up a copy of this fun series for your family!

Hey Dude: The Complete Series is available exclusively at Walmart!


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