Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My New Year’s Resolution for My Cats

Many of us make New Year's resolutions. They might include eating healthier meals, losing weight, exercising more, getting a new job, learning to relax and much more. We may even make resolutions for our kids, like improving their grades, getting them to read more, or motivating them to eat more vegetables. But have you ever made a resolution for your pet? Just like people, they need goals for becoming healthier and happier!

Our family has two cats, Bella and Jack, who are four years old. Bella is a petite and dainty little girl, while her brother eats both his food and hers, and is about twice her size! (I'm sure you can tell which cat is which in the photo above. They always look so menacing in photos, but they're adorable in real life!) They’re both very loving kitties with few bad habits, but I know they’re leaving their kitten years behind, and it’s time to be sure that we’re making healthy choices about what they eat. Up until now, the food of choice was whatever was on sale, but I know from the research I’ve done that not all foods are the same. Just like food for people, some of it’s healthy, but many of it is not.

I recently found a company that will help me make healthier food choices for my cats! It’s called Petbrosia, and they have you fill out a questionnaire about your pet(s) so they can select just the right product for your dog or cat’s optimal health based on breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level and more. Their pet food contains all natural ingredients, with no corn, wheat or soy. And fresh animal protein sources are always the main ingredient. When pets eat better and maintain a healthy weight, they have a better chance of living longer, high-quality lives, just like people. I adore my cats, and we all want them to have many wonderful years with our family.

So, have you come up with a New Year’s resolution for your cat or dog? Petbrosia has come up with a list of New Year's resolutions for pet owners HERE that may inspire you. These suggestions, along with switching to pet food from Petbtrosia, will help you and your pet(s) become healthier and have more fun this year! Check Petbrosia out today at www.Petbrosia.com and sign up for automatic delivery!

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  1. Bella and Jack look very comfortable under that Christmas tree just relaxing and chilling. We also have a black cat named Ozzy and he sticks to my side like glue. I love that crazy black cat-


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