Sunday, December 14, 2014

Enjoy These "Santa Tells All" Videos from Tree Classics with Your Family!

Have you ever wondered whether Santa wears boxers or briefs or if he texts? Now, Santa has opened the doors to his elusive North Pole home to shed some light on the mystery! In a series of sit-down interviews with Tree Classics, Santa tells all, answering questions, including:
  • Santa, boxers or briefs?
  • Santa, even if it doesn't snow for Christmas, will you still be able to fly on your sleigh?
  • Santa, why can't every day be like Christmas?
  • Santa, what is your ideal cookie to milk ratio?
  • Santa, what is your favorite cookie?
  • Santa, what do your reindeer eat?
  • Santa, what do you say to those who don't believe in Santa?
  • Santa, how much sleep do you need leading up to the big night?
  • Santa, how long have you been growing your beard?
  • Santa, how do you get in homes if there isn't a chimney or fireplace?
  • Santa, do you text?
I love the following video that answers the question: Santa, why is your suit red?

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