Saturday, November 08, 2014

Moshling Rescue! This Exciting Match-3 Game Is Now Available for Android! #MoshlingRescue

When it comes to video games, my favorites have always been Match-3 games, so I was excited to hear that Mind Candy’s Moshling Rescue is now available for Android devices! I uploaded it to my Samsung Galaxy tablet, and have been enjoying this game ever since! This super-fun game features little gummy creatures that must be rescued through hundreds of action-packed levels. So far, I have gotten up to level 38 in the Candy Cane Caves section. Once I get up to 75, I’ll unlock access to Ooh La Lane! Some levels have been easy to solve; others have taken me many tries. I’m sure I could solve them more quickly if I bought some of the “diamonds,” which can be used for “boosts, continues and escapes,” but I am determined to conquer Moshling Rescue without doing that. (I’m cheap!) At the end of each level you win, it tells you which Moshling you’ve rescued. (I just rescued Mr. Snoodle!)

Moshling Rescue has six game modes:
Home mode - Players must collect specific gummies to move the Moshling across a game-style track to reach home.
Boss mode - Big Bad Bill tries his best to prevent players from reaching their goal.
Dig mode - Explode and select gummies to dig further down the screen to complete the level.
Drop mode - Rescue the Moshlings by dropping them down through a big stack of gummies.
Clear mode - Everything is covered in gloop! Match over it to clean it all away.
Treasure mode - Unlock treasure and win jellybeans by merging sacks, crates and chests together.

Watch the video below for a sneak peek at the game!

If you’re on Facebook, you can connect your mobile or tablet edition of Moshling Rescue with your Facebook account to pick up and play where you left off. Players also receive an extra life across both platforms by connecting to their Facebook accounts. Ask your Facebook friends for Jellybeans to gain extra lives!

Kids can also have fun with the stars of Moshling Rescue when you get them some adorable plush critters! Mr. and Mrs. Snoodle are shown above with my son. Each one comes with a secret code that can be used to play games at

Moshling Rescue can be downloaded for free on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter, too! If you’re a fan of fun and challenging Match-3 games, you’ll love Moshling Rescue!


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