Friday, August 22, 2014

On the Road and Back to School with Fruit Vines Bites!

We just returned from a very long road trip from south Florida to northern Georgia, and with two very bored boys in the back seat, we needed plenty of games, movies and snacks to keep them occupied! One snack that was a big hit were American Licorice Company’s new Fruit Vines Bites! These soft, chewy candies were the perfect size for the kids to pop in their mouth without making a mess in the car. My husband kept stealing the cherry ones from them because they were his favorite. Fruit Vines Bites are also available in strawberry flavor. I felt good in knowing that they are low-fat and free of preservatives, too.

The resealable 10-ounce stand-up bag is great for sharing, and the 2-ounce single-serving size is perfect for putting in school lunches now that our summer vacation has ended and the boys are back to school. There are 5-ounce bags too ~ so many terrific options!

American Licorice Company has been making candy and treats for 100 years, so they know how to please palates! The Fruit Vines Bites are especially appealing to people who aren’t crazy about chocolate, like my husband. I hope you’ll pick up some Fruit Vines Bites for your next road trip and for your children’s school lunches! They’re available at Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, Target and other major retailers. Learn more at


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