Sunday, August 03, 2014

Product Review: NewAir Water Dispenser WCD-210BK

It’s been a hot summer here in Florida, and our family knows how important it is to stay well-hydrated after we’ve been working or playing outside. However, it’s not healthy to drink a lot of soda or sweet drinks all day long. To encourage everyone to drink more water, consider getting a NewAir water dispenser! Kids love to push the buttons on the dispenser to serve their own drinks, and the dispenser helps to keep the water refreshingly cold.

NewAir was kind enough to send me their WCD-210BK water dispenser for review. My grown son and his co-workers wanted to try it out at their office first, so we set it up over there. I made the following video to share my thoughts on this product!

As you saw in the video, this water dispenser is great because it not only gives you cold water, but heats water, too! So, if you’re in the mood for a cup of tea, hot chocolate or instant coffee, you can make it in seconds with this water dispenser. The nearby grocery store carries the water bottles we need and has a filling station so we can fill up the bottle again when it’s empty. It’s compatible with 2-, 3- and 5-gallon bottles. And I love the compact size of the WCD-210BK as it can fit in a small corner of a kitchen or office break room.

If you’d like to get your family to drink more healthy water instead of sugary alternatives, check out the many water dispenser models at You’ll be happy that your kids can serve themselves and will be drinking a beverage that’s good for them. You’ll love it for yourself, too!


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