Wednesday, July 30, 2014

FuzzyHeads: Perfect Pillows for Kids and Travel!

We’re going to be taking a long road trip for our summer vacation. I’m so excited to get to our destination, but I’m not looking forward to those long hours in the car. With two ten-year-olds along for the ride, I know I’m going to hear a lot of “Are we there yet?” “When can we stop?” and “My brother’s bothering me!” One way to alleviate the whining in the back seat is to make sure that the kids are as comfortable as possible. Fortunately, I found out about FuzzyHeads!

FuzzyHeads come in three sizes (9-, 16-, and 24-inch) and many colors. They are perfect for use as travel pillows when kids are on a long trip, whether it’s by car, train, bus or plane! Each FuzzyHead even comes with a fun name and its own bio. For instance, my son’s FuzzyHead, Red Randy, has the following characteristics:

Red Randy from Mesquite comes from a long line of rodeo legends. When he was a little FuzzyHead, Red Randy would sit on a bale of hay and pretend he was riding a bull. One year, his grandpa took him to the Texas State Fair where he got to ride a mechanical bull. His grandpa who had been a rodeo legend in his day knew that Red Randy had the potential to become one of the top young bull riders. “I really enjoy going to the stockyards in Ft. Worth.” My Dream: Become a veterinarian.

FuzzyHeads also make fun additions to sleepovers, campouts, or just everyday snuggling. My son loves his FuzzyHead, as you can see below.

We are super-excited to take Red Randy along on our road trip. I know my son will be much more comfortable in the car and will love having a fuzzy friend come on vacation with us! I hope you’ll check out FuzzyHeads at Visit FuzzyHeads on Facebook and Twitter, too!


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