Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Children’s Book Review: "Me and My Big Mouse," by Ethan Long

Have you ever had a friend who was just a little too clingy? That’s the theme in the new children’s book, Me and My Big Mouse, by Ethan Long. Michael, a little boy, has a big mouse named Bo living with him. He can be fun to hang out with, but Bo can get annoying at times because he has no boundaries! He hates to be alone, so he wants to be with Michael all the time, whether he’s eating breakfast, sleeping, or even going to the bathroom! What’s a boy to do? At first, he tries the obvious: telling Bo to go away. But that hurts Bo’s feelings and doesn’t make Michael feel good either. Finally, Michael comes up with an idea for a “contract” that sets a few rules for when and how they’ll spend time together. Now, both Michael and Bo are happy because Bo gets to hang out with Michael, while Michael can have some “alone time,” too.

Long’s illustrations are bright and funny, and kids will laugh out loud seeing the big mouse playing basketball, hogging the bed, and trying to ride a scooter. And Michael’s reactions are exactly how a little boy would respond when someone in his life is being “a big giant pain”! The solution to the problem is a great example for kids to follow when they need to set some boundaries for the friends in their life who may be coming over just a little too often. Compromise, they learn, is possible. Learn more about author and illustrator Ethan Long and his wonderful new book, Me and My Big Mouse, at

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