Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Since I live in south Florida, I know my experience with the cold really can't compare to those of you who live further north. The temperature went down to the upper 40s F, and that was cold enough for us! I saw all kinds of boots and ski hats around the area today! But since I know I won't receive any sympathy for any of this (and it will be back up to the mid-80s by the end of the week), I wanted to show you the temperature gauge on my sister's car. She lives in southern Michigan, and as you can see, it's been considerably colder there! Stay warm, sis!

[In case you can't read that, it says -15 degrees F!!]


  1. Lol, I`ll trade you! I`m in Manitoba, Canada and for the past few weeks, the temps have been around -45 to -50 with the windchill! That`s in Celsius, but when you get to that temp, it`s about the same in either F or C!

  2. I live in an area that's more around your sister's temp. It's been wicked cold in IL too.

  3. Wow, that's cold. The coldest I have been in 2013 was a winter camping trip to the Mojave desert. The first and second night of the trip snowed and the temperature was under 20° F. Not as cold but here in Southern California that's cold indeed.


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