Friday, December 06, 2013

No More Dead Batteries Thanks to RAVPower’s External Battery Products!

No doubt about it, this is a very busy time of year. And, undoubtedly, our cell phones are getting plenty of use. This is not the time when you want to worry about having a dead battery! That’s why the high-quality external battery products from RAVPower are a must-have. They help keep your smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices powered up while you’re on the go. Here are a couple of items to add to your wish or gift list:

For the ladies, a RAVPower Luster Lipstick Charger!

Don’t you love all the beautiful colors? I have the gold one, and it really looks classy! The 3000mAh LG A+ 18650 battery enables you to run your smartphone for six hours! Plug in your phone, and the unit turns on. Unplug it, and it turns off so you’re not wasting power. Just charge the Lipstick Charger in a USB port using the Micro USB cable provided, and then you’re ready to carry it with you to power up your devices. The Lipstick Charger even has a 3-mode flashlight on the end. And since it’s only about the size of a roll of coins, it easily slips into your purse or you can hang it on your pocket with the handy metal clip provided. This is such an innovative product -- so useful, but stylish, too! This makes a terrific gift for any gal! I love my RAVPower Luster Lipstick Charger and just recommended it to my sister.

5-in-1 RAVPower FileHub

The photo above shows all of the amazing functions that can be performed with this product. Not only is it a Power Bank, like the Lipstick Charger featured above, but it also functions as a Wi-Fi Hotspot and a FileHub for transferring photos, movies and music between your wireless devices. And I love how portable this little device is. It can be easily slipped into a pocket, glove compartment, briefcase or purse, etc. The 5-in-1 RAVPower FileHub is a great gift idea for travelers!

Both of these items from RAVPower are available on Amazon and make very affordable holiday gifts!


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