Friday, December 13, 2013

Heifer International’s Read to Feed Program for Teachers Inspires Kids to Read and Make a Difference!

Heifer International's Read to Feed program is an engaging way for teachers to inspire students to read while raising funds to help end poverty and hunger. It heightens students’ awareness that their actions can make a difference in the lives of others. As students read more books, they improve their reading abilities, and more families receive gifts of livestock and training. Watch this inspirational video to see how Read to Feed works:

Teachers and classroom leaders can order the Read to Feed kit by mail for easy-to-use program resources. They can also find lesson plans, exciting videos, certificates, donation forms and other information online at

Heifer International also has some wonderful children’s books available, such as the following:

Beatrice’s Goat
By Page McBrier

Beatrice and her family live in Uganda, and they have a new mud house with a steel roof thanks to a goat named Mugisa! Before Mugisa arrived, Beatrice could only dream about going to school because she had to help her family make a living. But Mugisa changed all that. Mugisa’s milk fed the family and helped them earn money from its sale. Finally, Beatrice earned enough from selling milk to go to school! Then, they were able to sell Mugisa’s baby goats to earn money for a new house. Beatrice’s Goat is a true story about how a Ugandan family’s life was changed thanks to the arrival of a goat through Heifer International. This book shows children that even small acts can make a huge difference for those who live in poverty.

Winter in Songming
By Page McBrier

Zadou, a young boy in China, is excited because the concrete mixer has arrived to help his family add rooms to their house. The whole family and even the other people in the village pitch in to help. Zadou helps his mother cook for the workers, and then he and his little brother care for the family’s pigs. Meanwhile, the men work on the house. Then Zadou’s father shows him how to do the measuring so the walls will be straight. At the end of the day, when the work is done, neighbors gather for the meal around campfires and sing. Snow begins to fall -- the sign of a good harvest the following year! This book teaches children about the importance of teamwork and community. By working together, great things can be accomplished!

The Chicken and the Worm
By Page McBrier

Did you know that chickens and worms have a lot in common? Both help care for the Earth in various ways. Their manure helps plants and food to grow. Both till the soil -- the chicken with his beak and claws, and the worm by tunneling underground. This simple but adorable picture book teaches children that worms and chickens are special and help people in many ways!

CLICK HERE to find these and more wonderful books at Heifer International! Sales from all of these books benefit the programs run by Heifer International to end worldwide poverty and hunger.


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