Friday, November 15, 2013

Take an Alligator Stroll with Josh Turner and Enter to Win a Frog Trouble Prize Pack!

Today is the official release day for the adorable music video "Alligator Stroll" by the equally adorable Josh Turner. The song is from the New York Times bestselling songbook and CD, FROG TROUBLE (Workman Publishing; September 3, 2013) by the amazing Sandra Boynton. In the video, Turner takes kids through the “stroll,” an adorable line dance which they’ll have fun doing with parents, siblings and caregivers. Check out the video below:

In honor of the release, they’re hosting a Frog Trouble Giveaway! Four fans will win the exclusive FROG TROUBLE prize package shown at the top of this post, featuring Josh Turner performing "Alligator Stroll."

I have just one question ... Is Josh Turner included in the prize, too? :-)


  1. Hey! I just saw this for the first time today! I love it! I am a line dance teacher and a preschool teacher! Is there a way to get the steps so that I can teach this dance to children and adults? Thanks!

    1. I would try contacting Sandra Boynton directly. Her website says the address is pfboynton [at] gmail [dot] com. Good luck!


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