Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stocking Stuffer Idea for Little Gamers: Game Holder Wristbands!

If your children love to play Nintendo DS or 3DS games, you’ve probably got several of those tiny cartridges spread around the house. It’s easy to misplace them -- not a desirable situation considering the high cost of the games! So, I was pleased to see that my boys were excited about these new Game Holder Wristbands:

Each wristband, made of silicone, easily slips onto a child’s wrist and holds up to four game cartridges. They come in five fun colors: blue, purple, pink, red, and black. The cartridges are easy to place in the wristband, but are held securely so they won’t fall out unless you take them out.

Game Holder Wristbands are a great tool for taking video games to friends’ houses (and making sure they come home, too!), as well as for road trips or just as a fun accessory! And at the low cost of $10, these make great stocking stuffers. Pick up a Game Holder Wristband for each little gamer in your family at

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  1. Neat idea! I may have to get these for my boys.


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