Thursday, October 31, 2013

Personalized Name Labels, Children's Clothing and Much More from Bright Star Kids!

When I went to my children’s school open house this year right before the start of school, one of my sons’ teachers recommended that we purchase a computer program that would teach our kids how to touch-type. She said that future standardized tests were going to be given on the computer, and those students who couldn’t type quickly might run out of time to take the tests! How sad if they were to do poorly simply because they couldn’t submit their answers quickly enough. So, I bought a typing program for my kids, and I was even more thrilled when I saw that Bright Star Kids offers Learn to Type Labels!

These high-quality vinyl labels are placed on top of the keys to make them more visible and easy to distinguish from the others. I love how the labels on the “home keys” where the fingers should be placed for touch-typing have a white background so children always know where to position their hands. There are also labels for the numbers and supporting keys, such as Ctrl, Alt, Enter, etc. There is even a second set of numbers for the number pad. Each label is easy to place on each key and comes with an additional clear label to stick over the top for extra durability. If you decide to peel off the labels, they don’t leave a sticky residue. I accidentally put a sticker on the wrong key, and it was easy to peel and left no stickiness behind.

Check out my kids’ new colorful keyboard above! These labels, along with the typing program I purchased, will make ideal teaching tools for helping my kids to learn how to touch-type. This will definitely give them an advantage in taking computerized tests at school.

In addition to the Learn to Type Labels, Bright Star Kids has a HUGE selection of personalized Name Labels, like those shown below.

They also have adorable personalized clothing for kids and babies:

In addition, Bright Star Kids offers personalized wall art, lunch bags, drink bottles, and so much more! I encourage you to check out their wonderful products at Their items make unique and fun gifts for the holidays! And this Australian company ships their Name Labels for free to the United States. Visit them through the links below.

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