Monday, October 21, 2013

A Hallmark Channel Double Feature: "The Sweeter Side of Life" and "Meddling Mom"!

I love Hallmark Channel movies. They always put a smile on my face. They usually have a little romance, touching storylines, some chuckles, and a happy ending! So I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to review the DVD Double Feature of the Hallmark Channel movies, The Sweeter Side of Life and Meddling Mom. Somehow, I had missed these when they aired on TV, so it was fun to discover these gems.

In The Sweeter Side of Life, Desiree (played by Kathryn Morris of “Cold Case”) is a rather snooty society wife of a wealthy doctor. Her shallow life consists of plenty of shopping and gossiping with her equally snobby friends, so when her husband suddenly announces he’s found someone else, Desiree is stunned. And it gets even worse when she learns that the pre-nuptial agreement they signed is iron-clad: Desiree is thrown out on the streets. She crawls back to her widowed father in New Jersey, whom she’s neglected for years, and he welcomes the prodigal daughter home with open arms and a job at his bakery. There, she discovers a passion for baking, as well as a use for her business degree when she finds that her father’s business is floundering. But when her efforts result in a potential buy-out of the business, leading to plenty of cash and a return to her high-powered life in Manhattan, will Desiree make the right choice? The decision gets even more complicated when her ex-husband begs her to return, just when she’s getting to know a kind and handsome local man. Kathryn Morris did a fabulous job of convincing me that she was both a socialite and a small-town girl. I was rooting for her to realize that the “good life” was not to be found with her friends who dumped her as soon as she lost her social standing but rather with her loving father and friends who didn’t care how much money was in her purse. I greatly enjoyed this charming tale.

In Meddling Mom, we meet Carmen Vega (played by Sonia Braga), who is obsessed with making sure that her two daughters find good husbands and have babies. While her youngest daughter pleases her by getting married, Carmen drives a wedge between the couple with her relentless pestering to start a family. Meanwhile, Carmen conspires with a friend to get the friend’s grown son and Carmen’s oldest daughter, Ally, romantically involved. But the sparks fail to fly, and Ally discovers she’s falling instead for a new business colleague with whom she attended college but failed to appreciate at the time. Unfortunately, Carmen’s meddling could prove fatal for Ally’s new relationship, too. Can the girls get Mom to butt out of their lives without driving a permanent wedge between them? I loved this movie because Carmen’s meddling is never too annoying since she’s still so loveable. It’s obvious that she adores her daughters even though her interference in their lives goes over-the-top. Because of the affection between them, I knew the daughters would find a way to get their mother to focus on her own life, instead of theirs, and still remain close. This is a story that will resonate with plenty of mothers and daughters!

The Hallmark Channel Double Feature of Meddling Mom and The Sweeter Side of Life is now available on DVD! These heart-warming stories make a great holiday gift for someone special!

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