Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Personal Chef To Go: Fresh, Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Family’s Doorstep!

I really don’t enjoy cooking, and on especially busy days -- when the kids have baseball or swim practice -- I dread it even more. It stresses me out to figure out what to eat and get it made in the short time allotted. All too often, I’m tempted to get fast food, which isn’t healthy for my family. So, I’ve been in heaven recently thanks to Personal Chef To Go! They sent our family a week’s worth of healthy gourmet dinners. I just carried them from my doorstep to my refrigerator, and then heated them as needed. It was fantastic!

Even better, not only was this convenient for me, but I felt great knowing that my family was getting some really healthy meals. All of Personal Chef To Go’s meals are made with all-natural ingredients with no preservatives or additives. Every meal is delivered fresh, never frozen, and specially packaged to lock in flavor and freshness for up to 12 days! The heating directions (microwave and/or regular oven) are on the package. I just heat and eat, and I have a wonderful meal for my family! Check out some of the tasty items we received below:

The pork chops and chicken were done to perfection, and the sauces were wonderful. The boys even ate the carrots and broccoli! It was just as if I’d made them myself -- only better because I’m not a gourmet cook! When you visit www.PersonalChefToGo.com, you can check out their menus and place a one-time order or sign up for their auto-ship service to receive meals at regular intervals. I love the idea of giving this as a gift for new parents, when Mom or Dad is incapacitated after surgery, or for an older couple that has trouble cooking for themselves. And, of course, it’s ideal for busy families. There are plans for singles, couples and families.

I hope you’ll check out Personal Chef To Go through the links below!

Personal Chef To Go: www.personalcheftogo.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/personlcheftogo
Facebook: www.facebook.com/personalcheftogo
Blog: http://personalcheftogo.typepad.com/


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