Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I’m Organized for Another Year with the Circa SmartPlanner Master Agenda 2014 from Levenger!

I like to think I’m pretty “up” on things when it comes to technology, but one thing I’m still old-fashioned about is my calendar. I still love to use a weekly planner book made of real paper! I like the weekly style, as opposed to monthly, because I can see at a glance what my week is going to look like. And I have more room to write than I would with a monthly planner. Every fall, I pick up a new planner for the next year and copy in all of my dates for the next year: birthdays, monthly bills, upcoming trips and events, etc. When I write things down, I don’t worry about forgetting them, and that definitely reduces the stress in my life!

I recently received an excellent weekly planner for review from Levenger. It’s called the Circa SmartPlanner Master Agenda 2014. It comes with a sturdy plastic cover and heavy paper so the planner stays pristine, and monthly tabs so I can easily look ahead to future appointments. There are also blank spaces/pages for note-taking, monthly calendars to aid in scheduling, and even Weekly Goals charts. At the end of each week, you can tear off the tiny perforated corner at the bottom of each page to help you keep your place. This calendar is exactly what I need.

Another great feature of the Circa SmartPlanner Master Agenda 2014 is that additional optional pages can be ordered. There are 9 different “app packs” that include things such as helpful records for those who travel a lot, to-do lists, contact lists, and much more. These apps are especially helpful for businesspeople who want an all-in-one package for organizing their work life.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Levenger’s high-quality products, and the Circa SmartPlanner Master Agenda 2014 is another great product they offer. It will get a ton of use from me and be invaluable in organizing my home and work schedules. Check out the planners and other products at


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