Friday, September 06, 2013

"Get the Good Stuff" with Ticonderoga and Prang School Supplies!

By now, most of the kids are back to school, and you’re probably knee deep in trying to gather all of the needed school supplies! From pencils and erasers to notebook paper and folders, it seems like the list gets longer every year. And with any purchase of an item that’s going to get a lot of use, quality is important. That’s why I like the Ticonderoga and Prang products from the Dixon Ticonderoga Company. They’re the world’s leading supplier of quality writing and art supplies, and I can see why.

For example, let’s look at Prang’s colored pencils compared to those from another popular brand.

I love the thickness of Prang’s Large Triangular Colored Pencils. The tip is 5.5 mm, which makes coloring much easier. And they even come with a sharpener, which sharpens both the large colored pencils, as well as regular-sized pencils. And the bigger size of these pencils gives better control for smaller hands.

Another product that intrigued me from Prang was their classic markers. Why? They claim to have a “long cap-off life.” Leave the cap off all day, and they won’t dry out. I have to admit that I was skeptical about this claim, so I tried it myself. As you can see below, I wrote with both a Prang marker and a marker from another leading brand. From the start, I noticed the bolder, stronger color with the Prang marker. Then I left the cap off both markers for 24 hours. The difference between them the next day was considerable! As you can see, the Prang marker wrote just as well, perhaps even better, the next day. The other marker, on the other hand, although still useable, was definitely weaker and less colorful.

The bottom right writing sample above should say "Thursday" not "Wednesday"

The day above should say "Thursday" NOT "Wednesday"

When I bought No. 2 pencils for my boys recently, the teachers wanted them to arrive sharpened. We spent a ton of time sharpening all 96 pencils we bought! How I wish we had bought the Ticonderoga pencils because they come already sharpened! What a time-saver that would have been for us.

Honestly, in the past, I never really considered any differences between school supplies, but now that I’ve had a chance to compare several products, I can see that the quality of the Ticonderoga and Prang products is definitely superior to many other leading brands. I encourage you to compare them for yourself! And be sure to CLICK HERE for a coupon for Prang watercolors!


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