Thursday, September 12, 2013

Find Your Luggage Quickly with BAGPATCH!

A friend of mine told me that when she returned from a trip, she got home and opened the suitcase she’d picked up at the airport’s baggage claim, only to discover that she’d grabbed somebody else’s suitcase! She was mortified. Not only had she taken something that belonged to someone else, but she had no idea where her suitcase ended up either. So, she had to make the trip back to the airport to return the suitcase. Fortunately, the suitcase’s rightful owner had reported his suitcase missing, and they were able to call him to tell him it had been found. And my friend’s suitcase was safe and sound in the unclaimed baggage section. Still, it was a huge hassle that could have been avoided.

Many suitcases look alike, but there’s a simple and ingenious product that can help you avoid baggage mix-ups. It’s called the BAGPATCH, and it’s basically a fun, brightly colored label that you stick on your suitcase. It’s designed to stick well, so it won’t fall off due to heavy handling, but it’s very noticeable so you can spot your suitcase easily. I love the fun designs. Check them out:

And there are 5 more fun designs coming soon! The BAGPATCH is smooth to the touch and very easy to apply. They come two in a pack and are available on Amazon for just $11.99!  Learn more at, and never get the wrong suitcase again!


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