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Love to Stay Book Tour and Giveaway #LoveToStay

Susan Heim on Parenting is pleased to be a stop on the book tour for Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment, by Adam Hamilton! Following is a description of the book, an excerpt, and a chance to win a copy. Plus, enjoy the Pin-worthy quotes from the author. Read on!

About This Book:

Best-selling author and pastor Adam Hamilton wanted to find out why some marriages last and others don’t. “We live in a culture where people are used to seeking out things that make their daily duties fast and easy. But one of the most important things about love, marriage, and sexual intimacy is that it’s hard work,” says Hamilton. “When we fall in love, it seems so easy. But maintaining love over decades -- that’s another story,” says Hamilton. “Most couples have seasons when they fall out of love. Most report that their sex life seems boring at times. Nearly every couple has times when they think about calling it quits. Most fight fairly regularly. But those who don’t give up, who work on their marriage, find profound rewards. I wrote my new book, Love to Stay: Sex, Grace, and Commitment, to help people find or rediscover a love that not only stays but deepens over the years.”

In crafting Love to Stay, and its companion DVD study and guide, Adam Hamilton draws on several sources: insights from the scriptures; advice from leading experts in the field of relationships; wisdom gleaned from the real life experiences of hundreds of couples who have met with him to talk about their marriages over the years; and the often humorous experience of he and his wife LaVon during their thirty years of marriage. It also offers exclusive research findings from Hamilton’s Love, Sex, and Marriage survey.

No topic should be too sensitive to explore when it comes to making relationships last. Hamilton focuses on real issues being faced by real people, dealing with the nature of love and marriage and investigating what long-term relationships look like. In Love to Stay, readers explore what research reveals that men and women want in a mate, the significance of sexual intimacy, identifying hurtful habits and establishing a game plan to avoid them, analyzing stories of divorce to pinpoint conflicts that destroy, avoiding negativity, establishing environments of forgiveness and healing, and ultimately working towards relationship satisfaction.

While the book offers relationship coaching, it also enables the reader to immediately put what they’ve learned into practice. The end of each chapter features a short section called “Reflect and Engage,” which lifts up an important theme presented in the chapter through story, activity, and prayer. It also includes activities for couples to do together and separately, as well as activities for readers who are single. Although he deals with numerous topics impacting relationships, Hamilton reveals how no matter what activities you do to strengthen your marriage, there’s no greater bonding tool than being together in faith. Studies show that more than any other factor, there is a connection between God and marital happiness.

“I wrote this book to offer a realistic picture of the joys and challenges of marriage, and to provide some of the basic tools and insights that can foster a deeply loving and rewarding relationship that can last a lifetime,” adds Hamilton. “I pray this will be a book couples will read together and discuss, including those who are contemplating marriage and those who have been married a long time. That they might laugh together, and find themselves challenged and encouraged as they read.”

About the Author:

Adam Hamilton is senior pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas, the largest Methodist church in the United States. The congregation has been named one of the ten most influential churches in the country. Hamilton was asked by the White House to preach at the National Prayer Service as part of the presidential inauguration festivities in 2013. A master at explaining difficult questions of faith in a down-to-earth-fashion, Hamilton is the best-selling and award-winning author of Forgiveness, Why?, The Way, 24 Hours That Changed the World, When Christians Get It Wrong, Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White, and twelve other books, all published by Abingdon Press. He can be found online at


The church where my wife LaVon and I got married gave us one hour of premarital counseling with our pastor. One hour to prepare a 17-year-old and 18-year-old for a lifetime relationship! There are so many things I wish someone had told us, though I have to admit that we, like most young people, may not have paid attention.

If you haven’t had any instruction and then hit turbulence in your marriage, where do you go for help? You can seek out a counselor, but tragically many of us -- let’s face it, mostly men -- tend to think that going to a counselor is a sign that we’re failing. So instead we say to our spouses, “Go ahead, you can see a counselor, but I don’t need one.” Guys, that’s like having a car that you love and deciding it’s not manly to take it to a mechanic if it overheats. You can keep on driving it, but eventually you’ll ruin the engine. In marriage, it’s helpful and sometimes essential to consult an objective third party who is trained in helping couples work through common, and sometimes not so common, marital issues.

With so many people struggling in marriage and young people postponing marriage, does it mean that marriage is dead? A lot of people think so. It’s not hard to find pundits suggesting that maybe humans just aren’t cut out for long-term, monogamous relationships. A Pew Research Center study found that 40 percent of people think marriage is obsolete, though interestingly enough a majority of those respondents still want to get married!

In that study, researchers asked people to characterize their level of happiness and found that, despite all the challenges of marriage, those who were married were 11–28 percent more likely to describe themselves as “very happy” than those who were single.

Of course, those statistics don’t mean that being single causes unhappiness; many singles are very happy. What it tells me is that marriage isn’t obsolete and that the institution offers something valuable to those who figure out how to make it work. It just looks like more of us need help in figuring that out.


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  2. Of the people who were intimate twice a week, fully 80 percent attended worship regularly!

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  4. Adam Hamilton has written 13 books.
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  8. Of the people who were intimate twice a week, fully 80 percent attended worship regularly!

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  11. he has written 13 books

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  13. He has written 13 books

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