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An Exciting Book Series for Kids: The Quest for Truth, by Brock Eastman #TQ4T

The kids will be heading back to school soon, and if yours are anything like mine, they’ve slacked off on the reading this summer. Camp, swimming, vacation, sports … all took priority over picking up a book. So, now’s the time for us parents to get our children back into “book mode” again, and the best way to do that is to find a book or series they won’t want to put down. Fortunately, I have a suggestion: The Quest for Truth series by Brock Eastman.

This 5-book series includes:
Unleash (just released)

I just finished reading the first book, Taken, and it was so exciting! This series takes place in another universe and a different time. It centers on the Wikk siblings -- Oliver, Tiffany, and twins Mason and Austin. The story begins when the kids’ parents, renowned archeologists, are kidnapped. It’s up to the kids to rescue them! In the course of their search, they come across a kingdom of mysterious blue people, the Blauwe Mensen, and a city that gets locked under a dome when fierce winters arrive every three years. And the past has been mysteriously erased, which is what the Wikk parents were investigating when they are kidnapped. Will the Wikk children be able to work together to find their parents and uncover the secrets they were on the verge of discovering?

Taken was followed by Risk, and now the third book in the series, Unleash, has just been published. Enjoy the following excerpt from Unleash. As you can see, it begins with a treacherous battle!

The Phoenix pitched forward, and a thundering explosion echoed all around. Green light enveloped the ship. Oliver shielded his eyes. The displays on the Phoenix flashed. Warnings erupted on every screen.

“What was that?” cried Tiffany from the copilot’s chair, her brown eyes wide and alert. Yet she never stopped working the screens before her, swiping and tapping her fingers as if playing a piano. Her brown ponytail swished back and forth with her movements.

The ship jolted again.

Tiffany pulled Midnight, her new pet cat, close. “There’s something wrong with the generators. And the navigation information for Jahr des Eises has disappeared.”

“I see that.” Oliver glanced at the radar screen. A red dot flashed on, then off again. The systems were on the fritz. He was blind to anything not in his line of sight.

He felt an urging in his gut. He twisted the controls of the ship, and the silver craft dove, then spun. The structure of the ship groaned under the maneuver. “Hold on!” The words had become all too familiar to his siblings.

“Whoa! Go, Oliver!” shouted Mason and Austin from the second row.

A ball of green light encapsulated by glowing blue mist sailed past them. Oliver hadn’t known the shot had been fired, but he’d sensed the need to barrel roll.

As Oliver jerked the controls back, a piercing pain shot through his body like a knife thrust into his ribs. His arm went numb, and he lost his grip on the controls. He grimaced at the tearing sensation in his side.

Something was wrong. When and how had he been hurt? He gasped in a shallow and painful breath. He didn’t have time to feel pain, let alone do anything about it. They were under attack.

Visit BrockEastman.com to learn more about The Quest for Truth series and other books by Brock Eastman. I hope you’ll pick up a copy of this exciting series for your kids to get back into reading!

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