Sunday, July 21, 2013

Protect Your Kids’ Precious Eyes This Summer with Jibbitz Sunglasses by Crocs!

Most parents are aware that they should protect their little ones’ skin from the sun through the use of sunscreen, hats and protective clothing. But many of us fail to consider that their eyes need protection, too! Of course, it’s important to find a pair of sunglasses that will fit their little faces, and that’s where Crocs comes in! You are most likely familiar with Crocs shoes for the whole family, but now they have a line of kids’ sunglasses, too! They’re called Jibbitz because you can attach little plastic gadgets to the glasses just like kids do with Crocs shoes. Check out the adorable styles below:

These sunglasses are SO cute. And I love that kids can personalize them with the Jibbitz … or they can wear them without Jibbitz, too! Mix and match them, and get several pairs to match their cute summer outfits. If your children are spending lots of time outdoors this summer (and I hope they are), you’ll want to pick up some Jibbitz sunglasses by Crocs to protect their precious eyes. Visit for more information.


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