Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ideal for Summer Reading: TIME FOR KIDS’ Big Book of Where

It’s important to keep our children reading over the summer, but it’s easier said than done. With the warm weather, camps, friends, swimming, sports and more competing for their attention, they don’t want to sit down and immerse themselves in a long novel. That’s why the TIME FOR KIDS' Big Book of Where is perfect for summer reading. It’s divided into nearly 80 short features, just the right length for daily reading. Each two-page spread answers a fascinating question, such as:

Where do the most germs hide out?
Where did Columbus first set foot in the New World?
Where was the first FIFA World Cup played?
Where were LEGO bricks invented?
Where is the longest railroad in the world?
Where is Africa splitting apart?
Where were the first “bungee jumpers”?
Where did an iceberg the size of Connecticut break free?
Where did the Titanic sink?
Where does the solar system end and outer space begin?

Children can spend 15 minutes a day reading one or two features. And they’re so fascinating that they won’t even mind that they’re learning something, too! My boys and I like to read the Big Book of Where together and make it into a game. For example, I’ll turn to a page and ask them, “Where is the world’s busiest subway system?” Then they compete with each other to get the right answer! After we’ve found out the answer (Tokyo, Japan; no, New York doesn’t even rate in the top 5), we’ll read more about it and look at the pictures. For instance, did you know that there are so many people trying to get on the Tokyo subway during rush hour that they actually hire “pushers” (called oshiya) to squeeze people in? Amazing!

TIME FOR KIDS’ Big Book of Where is ideal for children ages 8-12 and is divided into 10 chapters (the 7 continents, plus Space, The Oceans, and Home). Visit for more information and pick up a copy to get your children reading this summer!

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