Monday, May 20, 2013

Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts for Easier and Cleaner Laundry! (COUPON)

With four sons and a husband, I’ve seen a lot of sweat. My oldest son will hate me for sharing this, but I recently threw out a ton of his t-shirts because of pit stains. So, you can imagine that a product which promises to do battle with sweat and body oils in the laundry is the pick for me! That product is Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts. Not only does this product feature a special “Micro-Cleaner formula” to seek and attack sweat and body oils, but it’s also the easiest laundry detergent I’ve ever used. I just drop a single-dose pac in the drum of my washer, throw in the clothes, and they’re ready to wash! It doesn’t get any easier than that. And I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in the pit-stain department!

Summer’s almost here, and your family will be sweating a lot more in the heat. I suggest that you arm yourself with some Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts now so you’ll be ready for the sweaty laundry of summer! If you don’t think this is a problem in your household, you might be interested in knowing that there are 20 times more hidden body oils and sweat in an average wash load than there are visible stains! Yes, you may not see the body oil, but it’s lurking in your family’s laundry. And, eventually, the build-up will damage and ruin the clothes.

I hope you’ll pick up a package of Wisk Deep Clean PowerBlasts and give them a try. I love the convenience (no messy liquids or powders) and the cleaning power. They’re safe for use in all types of washing machines (I use a front-loading high-efficiency machine), and can be used in all water temperatures, even cold. They’re a must-have for your family’s summer laundry!




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