Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Reading Picks for the Kids!

It’s important to keep your little ones reading over the summer, and some great picture books have recently crossed my desk that you might want to check out!

When We Go Walking
By Cari Best
Illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker

Wendy loves to take walks with her family on Rambling Road. She takes her collecting bag so she can keep the treasures she finds along the way. An old bicycle bell, a faded flag, a pencil and ribbon -- all of them make their way into Wendy’s bag. Sometimes it rains; sometimes it gets hot. But Wendy always walks to find her treasures. Then snow arrives, and nobody can walk for days. What will Wendy do? She uses her treasures to make her very own Rambling Road inside. Everyone loves it! Then she grabs a shovel to clear a path outside so they can head back out on the real Rambling Road. This story encourages kids to enjoy the outdoors, embrace the world around them, and spend quality time with their family!

Princess Cupcake Jones and the Missing Tutu
By Ylleya Fields
Illustrated by Michael LaDuca

Princess Cupcake Jones won’t wear velvet and lace; she only wants her tutu. But one morning she awakes to find that her tutu is gone! She searches the palace and finds all kinds of items that she had lost, but no tutu. She decides to clean up her messy room, and finds even more things! But still no tutu… She flops on her bed in despair and looks up at the ceiling. What is that hanging from the ceiling fan? It’s the tutu she’d tossed in the air the night before! Princess Cupcake will always put her things where they belong from now on. This rhyming tale will delight young princess fans. As a bonus, kids will have fun finding the word “LOVE” hidden in each colorful illustration!

Gandhi: A March to the Sea
By Alice B. McGinty
Illustrated by Thomas Gonzalez

This children’s book is the story of Mohandas Gandhi’s famous March to the Sea, a peaceful protest against British rule of India. Once a quiet child, Gandhi now speaks to the crowd. High taxes on salt are unfair. He encourages the people to take salt from the sea, which has been forbidden. Gandhi draws water from the well of the Untouchables, society’s outcasts. Everyone is equal, he tells the people. It is a very long journey on foot -- 24 days. Will Gandhi and his followers reach the sea? They do, and thousands of people follow his lead in taking salt from the sea. They are arrested and jailed, then released. It is a step toward freedom, but it will be 17 years before India becomes self-ruling. Gandhi: A March to the Sea teaches children about a pivotal event in India’s history that reverberated across the world.

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