Sunday, May 19, 2013

Family Movie Review: Puppy Love, Starring Candace Cameron Bure

My kids have been hooked on reruns of Full House on TV lately, so when we heard that Candace Cameron Bure, who played DJ Tanner on the series, had a movie out on DVD, we were really excited to watch it on our weekly Family Movie Night! Originally airing on the Hallmark Channel, Puppy Love tells the story of single mom Megan Nolan, played by Candace Cameron Bure (who is now all grown up, and a wife and mom in real life)! She and her daughter have moved to a new town, and Megan decides to get Caitlin a dog when she has trouble locating new friends. Unfortunately, Caitlin picks out the biggest, worst-mannered dog at the animal shelter!

Therefore, Megan is all too ready to get rid of him when his previous owner shows up -- a semi-pro ballplayer named Ben. But when Ben and Megan see how attached Caitlin is to the dog, Jake, they decide to share custody of him. Caitlin and Megan will keep Jake while Ben’s on the road playing ball. This seems to be the ideal solution, but Megan and Ben don’t exactly see eye-to-eye on training the dog to learn some manners. Will this touchy custody arrangement work out?

My boys and I really enjoyed watching Puppy Love. The plot wasn’t difficult to predict, but my kids didn’t mind a bit because it was such a fun story. They loved seeing the trouble that Jake got into, and they could definitely relate to the girl’s affection for the dog despite his imperfections. And being Little League players, they liked that Jake’s original owner was a baseball player. (From a mom’s standpoint, he was very nice to look at, too! And the romantic subplot will keep adults entertained.) Puppy Love stars a terrific actress, a dog, and a hunky ballplayer -- what more could you ask for? It’s perfect for Family Movie Night!

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