Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Children’s Book Review: The Big Bad Wolf Goes on Vacation, by Delphine Perret

When your best friend is the big bad wolf, naturally you’ll want him to go on summer vacation with you! That’s what happens in the delightful children’s book, The Big Bad Wolf Goes on Vacation, by Delphine Perret. In this quirky book, Louis is looking forward to going on a road trip to the beach with his grandfather over summer vacation. But Bernard, the big bad wolf who lives in the closet, wants to tag along. Surprisingly, Grandpa is a good sport about bringing Bernard, and they have many adventures along the way. Bernard’s feelings get hurt whenever he’s mistaken for a dog. And Grandpa’s not too happy when Bernard wraps the toll ticket around his chewed gum. Bernard’s idea of hunting is raiding a vending machine, and he’s disgusted when a cow slobbers on him. But the trio has a great time when they arrive at the beach. And they all conclude that “A vacation without a wolf is like a beach without seashells”!

Bernard, a talking, vegetarian wolf, will make every child wish they had their own big bad wolf (who’s not so bad) to accompany them on vacation. He chews gum, gets flies stuck in his teeth, and knows how to keep his cool (NOT!). He’s the perfect friend, especially since “he doesn’t eat children anymore…” I hope you’ll pick up a copy of The Big Bad Wolf Goes on Vacation for your child’s summer reading! And, of course, you’ll want to read it on your next road trip, along with following these vacation tips from the big bad wolf:
  • Don’t eat the children (you’ll have no one to play with!)
  • Be kind to Grandma and Grandpa because they buy you ice cream
  • Always use sunblock and sunglasses on the beach (to prevent premature wolf aging!)
  • Try not to get cookie crumbs on the car seat
You can find The Big Bad Wolf Goes on Vacation, by Delphine Perret at Barnes and Noble and Amazon!

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