Saturday, April 20, 2013

Decorate the Whole House with Arise Decals!

I love to have artwork on my walls, but I hate the hassle of trying to cover up holes if I want to move it around. And I especially hate the high cost of most artwork. That’s why decals are such a smart idea for decorating! At Arise Decals, they have an amazing selection of gorgeous decals that will go anywhere in the house! Isn’t this an adorable idea for the kitchen?

And I LOVE this idea for the bedroom … so romantic!

I really love what they did to the bar area in this kitchen…

And decals are a terrific idea for decorating children’s rooms because you can swap them out as they grow or their tastes change. For example, you could do something like this in the nursery…

And here’s what I just put in my 9-year-old twin boys’ bedroom!

It makes me smile every time I look in their room and see those baseball players above their window valence. It fit the sports theme of their bedroom perfectly. And the decals were SO easy to apply! I did it all by myself in about a half-hour. No nails, no holes in the wall, no fuss.

Decals are also an extremely economical way to decorate. Have you checked out the prices on artwork lately? Ugh! They can definitely break the budget. But decals are so reasonably priced that you can decorate several rooms at once or get multiple decals for the same room. For example, the baseball players above that I put in my boys’ room cost only $9.99 for the set and come in 18 different colors! (I chose Midnight Blue.) And if you spend $50 or more at Arise Decals, they’ll even give you free shipping.

I absolutely love to decorate with decals. I’m already looking around my house to figure out where I can add some more! They add such a unique look to the home. I hope you’ll visit today to start picking out some decals for your walls!


  1. I love the idea of decals and have been thinking of trying them out.... thanks for sharing

  2. What a great idea for decorating, I love the decal specially the one by the kitchen counter and I a happy to see they have several for kid's rooms. Neat.


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