Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Attention, Parents of College Students! Campus Bellhops Can Help Make Moving Day a Breeze! (DISCOUNT CODE)

Like 60% of college students, my son Taylor chose to live in a traditional on-campus dorm for his first year of school. After a long 7-hour drive to campus, we had to lug all of his personal belongings up to the top floor of the dorm! I remember pulling up to the dorm and being told that we could only park in front for 10 minutes. We were instructed to dump all of our son’s belongings on the lawn, move the car to a parking garage, and return to haul his stuff from the grass to his room. Needless to say, by the end of the day, we were all exhausted! I was amused to read a statistic noting that 54% of moms compared the college moving experience with unpleasant activities such as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV. I don’t know if I’d quite describe it that harshly, as we were all excited about my son’s acceptance at his college of choice and the exciting years ahead of him, but I would agree with the 51% of moms who say that moving their child in/out of a college residence is a physically grueling experience.

I recently heard about a service that would have made that moving day a whole lot easier! It’s called Campus Bellhops, and they are a student-run moving company on 50+ college campuses across America. (And, yes, they are on my son’s campus. If only I had known!) And they are SO reasonable: standard dorm moves are under $100! That is an incredible deal. They will also assist with move-ins and move-outs for houses, apartments, sororities/fraternities, and storage facilities. My son moved into an apartment for his second year, and this time there was no elevator, so we had to climb the stairs numerous times that day to get him moved in. Fortunately, my son had some strong friends to help out, but it was still a very LONG day!

If you’ve got a child either moving out of a college dorm or apartment this spring, or moving into one this fall, I suggest that you see if Campus Bellhops are available at their campus. The company was started by two entrepreneurs at Auburn University who grew their business to cover 50+ campuses and employ 2,500+ students. All Bellhops/movers are university students, and you will receive an email prior to the move that includes the bios of your two assigned Bellhops. (They might even be the first friends your new college student makes!) And here’s a discount code to make moving even sweeter!

Receive 10% off your services with Campus Bellhops!

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  1. Where were this wonderful people when I had to move my daughter to college??? She and I had to lug all the stuff three flights of stairs. Lucky parents that can take advantage of this service.


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