Friday, March 08, 2013

eShakti Wants to Know: What Do Women Want? Your Answer Could Win a $150 Gift Card!

To be loved, admired, cherished, and honored. To be respected for themselves. To be wanted by the one they love. Women want friends they can trust with their innermost concerns, and be trusted by them in turn. Above all, women want to be heard.

Beyond this, do they really want movie star or rock star husbands or boyfriends? Do they want to look attractive to men in general, or only to some or only to one? Do women want romance in their life more than men do (and this holds true no matter their age)? Do women need to be held more than men do? Do women want something different from what men want from their spouse or significant other? For Women’s Day, eShakti wants to know from you, in 45 words or less, what women really want!

Your response can cover any aspect, but speak from the heart so you touch, move and inspire by what you share or say, and possibly bring a smile or a laugh or even a tear! eShakti will share the winning response and some others online, and the three winning entries will get eShakti gift cards worth $150 each! (The winners will be decided by a jury from eShakti.) Everyone who takes part will receive a little surprise from eShakti upon participation.

TO ENTER: Email your response by March 15 from your registered email id to Have fun!

Note from Susan: And stay tuned for my upcoming review of an eShakti dress!

Fine Print: By sending in an entry, you agree that eShakti can show it on the site or elsewhere in the promotional material if it so chooses. And eShakti’s decision as to the winners will be final. No employee of eShakti can take part. One entry per person please!


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