Monday, February 25, 2013

Mike and Ike Welcome Back Two Retro Flavors for a Limited Time!

Did you hear about the scandal that rocked the candy world? It’s tragic -- Mike and Ike split up! Yup, these iconic candymakers are splitsville for now, but fortunately their delicious fruity candy lives on. Not surprisingly, those who work for Mike and Ike are hoping they’ll reunite, so they’ve decided to bring back two “retro” flavors in the hopes it will inspire Mike and Ike to re-establish their friendship and business partnership.

For a limited time only (through April 2013), you can now find Mike and Ike Cherri and Bubb (a blend of Cherry and Bubblegum flavors first introduced in 1989) and Lem and Mel (a mix of Lemon and Watermelon flavors first introduced in 1991) at stores where Mike and Ike candies are sold! I’ve had the opportunity to try both of these varieties, and they are awesome. You can eat each flavor alone or combine them for a unique taste! I even took a Cherry candy from the Cherri and Bubb box and a Lemon candy from the Lem and Mel box and mixed them together. Yum! Make your own combinations!

These fruity combinations won’t last long at stores, so stock up on some boxes of the retro flavors of Mike and Ike candy today! You can learn more about Mike and Ike candy, the new limited-edition flavors, and the latest news on their tragic split at Follow Mike and Ike on Facebook and Twitter, too!


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