Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help Your Family Walk Safely with Safee Reflectors!

My friend and I walk together at least three times a week, but sometimes the only convenient time for us both is in the early evening. By the time we’re halfway through our walk, it’s dark outside. I have to admit that this makes me a little nervous because automobile drivers often have a difficult time seeing pedestrians in the dusk or dark. That’s why my friend and I have started wearing Safees reflectors. These hard prism reflectors attach to the clothing (with easy-to-use clips) and reflect oncoming cars’ headlights, increasing visibility so that drivers can see you! Check out this video showing what a HUGE difference Safees make in allowing drivers to see pedestrians on the side of the road:

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I was amazed at how effective these little reflectors are! And, of course, Safees reflectors are a must-have for our children. When they’re walking to the bus stop on a dark morning or coming home at dinnertime from a friend’s house, they don’t realize how invisible they are to drivers. I always tell my children, “Just because you can see the driver doesn’t mean that he sees you!” And Safees come in plenty of kid-friendly colors and shapes, such as hearts, dinosaurs, and dogs so your children will want to collect them and wear them.

The Safees above are just a small sample of the huge selection available. And they’re extremely budget-friendly, too, at only $4.95 each! Visit today to pick up these essential reflectors for every member of your family. It just might save the life of someone you love!


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