Friday, February 22, 2013

Dawn Publications’ New Spring Books Have Arrived!

I love the children’s books published by Dawn Publications. All of them are nature-themed and contain gorgeous illustrations. This spring, they have two wonderful new additions to their catalog:

By John Himmelman
Illustrated by John Himmelman

In Noisy Bug Sing-Along, kids and their parents can make sounds like tree crickets (which “ring like a telephone”), a Dog-Day Cicada (which “buzzes LOUDLY high in a tree”), a grasshopper (which “snaps its wings”), and many other insects in the world! Kids will love the BIG bug illustrations by John Himmelman, too. One of the best features of Dawn Publications books is the additional information at the end of the book. In Noisy Bug Sing-Along, kids learn about sound waves and see how they differ for each insect. They’ll also find more information about the bugs and fun activities to do (such as how to make their ears bigger so they can hear like a bat)! And when you go to the book’s page at, you can listen to audio files of what the bugs really sound like!

By Marianne Berkes
Illustrated by Cris Arbo

What’s in the Garden? is fun because children get to solve mysteries! Throughout the book are various rhyming riddles, and kids have to guess which fruit or vegetable is being described. They’ll find an apple, lettuce, blueberry, celery, and much more. And with each food is an easy recipe that kids can make with an adult using the fruits and vegetables. For example, they can make Ants on a Log (using celery), Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. The back of the book includes more info on each food item in the book, information on how plants grow and reproduce, cooking terms, and a list of garden songs, books and websites. Parents, teachers and librarians can find more downloadable activities relating to Dawn Publications’ books at

For younger readers, Dawn Publications also has two new board books this spring: Jo MacDonald Saw a Pond and Jo MacDonald Had a Garden, both by Mary Quattlebaum. I encourage you to visit Dawn Publications at to see their extensive catalog of beautiful and educational nature-themed books. There are books for all ages, as well as teacher’s guides.

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