Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Elves Are Here Again This Year … and They Have a New Friend!

Our family has a wonderful holiday tradition. After Thanksgiving has passed, four magic elves come down from the North Pole to visit my kids! During the day, my boys love to play with their elves.

Playing video games with Caleb

At bedtime, the boys sprinkle magic snowflakes on the elves, which inspires them to embark on their own “Elfcapades” around the house while the children sleep! At daybreak, the elves love to hide around the house and challenge my boys to find them when they wake in the morning. Here are some of the places we’ve found them:

In the Playmobil space station

In the Christmas tree

Hanging out with our cat Jack

Every year, our elves arrive with something new to show the boys. One year, they had new Elfits, including a hockey uniform and a ski jacket with pants! Another year, they came in new pajamas and slippers. This year, they brought a new friend: a baby reindeer!

Baby reindeer loves to give kisses

Apparently, the baby reindeer’s parents are busy helping Santa get ready for Christmas, so the elves offered to babysit their baby and bring him to visit our house. He arrived with his own mail sack, blanket, hat and bridle. And the boys are now arguing over what to name him! (The top choices appear to be Jolly and Jingle.)

The whole gang!

If your family would like to learn how they can summon some elves to their house for Christmas, I highly encourage you to visit Elf Magic at You’ll learn more about this wonderful tradition, and view all the elves and accessories that make Christmas so much fun for the kids!


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