Monday, December 17, 2012

Shirts from Reflect Who I Am Help to Boost Young Ladies’ Self-Esteem!

I’ve always had an issue with low self-esteem, but it was particularly acute in my pre-teen and teenage years. Looking back at my teenage self, I see that I was pretty enough, though not gorgeous. I was really smart, but that quality wasn’t prized by my classmates in school. And I’m an introvert, so I never had the “cheerleader personality” that the popular girls at school had. I’m sure my mom and others tried to boost my self-esteem, but we all know that our peers’ opinions hold more weight at that age. Because of my experiences, I now have great empathy for young ladies who don’t see how wonderful they are! I would do anything if I could just convince them they’re special, and that being like everyone else isn’t what we should strive for.

That’s why I love the mission of the company, Reflect Who I Am. Their goal is to build girls’ confidence with their mirror image shirts. Studies show that women check their reflections at least 8 times a day, even though 75% of them hate doing so. But when a girl wears a Reflect Who I Am shirt, the first thing she sees when she looks in the mirror is a positive image: I Am Unique; I Am Loved; I Am Fearless; I Am Beautiful! What a great message to send them! Hopefully, these truths will begin to sink in whenever they look in the mirror.

Reflect Who I Am shirts are of really nice quality and make wonderful gifts. A special young lady on my Christmas gift list will be receiving a Reflect Who I Am shirt this year! And you can still order one for a special girl in your life. Head over to and get free shipping until December 20, 2012! Shirts are available in both Youth and Adult sizes. Send a positive message to a tween or teen girl that you know. Building her self-confidence is one of the best gifts you can give her!


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