Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Mrs. Meyer’s Holiday Candle Tins, Snappy Socks and Zedora Bracelets!

It’s easy to forget to pick up stocking stuffers, but they’re a fun part of the Christmas tradition! Here are some great ideas so you can start picking up those stocking stuffers now!

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Limited Edition Holiday Candle Tins

These limited edition Holiday Candle Tins come in two scents: Iowa Pine and Orange Clove! As soon as I opened the packaging on these candles, a wonderful aroma came out! These scented soy candles smell absolutely heavenly, and are the perfect size for slipping into a stocking. The tin is even decorated for the holidays, so no wrapping is required! Just set them out to scent the room or light them for 12 hours of burn time. Re-use the tins after the candle is gone to hold paperclips, ornament hooks, or other items. And these perfect little candles come at an awesome stocking-stuffer price: only $2.50 each at Target! Learn more at www.mrsmeyers.com.

Snappy Socks Holiday Pack

Snappy Socks are one of those simple but ingenious inventions because they have a little snap on each sock so you can snap them together before putting them in the laundry. No more lost socks! Snappy Socks are available for everyone in the family: infants, toddlers, kids, men and women. For the holidays, they have a fun Snappy Socks Holiday Pack! It contains six pairs of Snappy Socks with a design for six different holidays: Christmas, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Independence Day, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Your recipient will have so much fun wearing her special socks on each holiday. Or you can split up the Holiday Pack and give a pair of socks to several people! They’re super-colorful and well-made. I love Snappy Socks! Visit www.mysnappysocks.com to learn more. You can also place an order by phone at 1-866-998-4439.

Zedora Bracelets

Created in the popular beaded charm style, these bracelets are absolutely gorgeous! I have a stainless-steel Zedora bracelet with red beads, and I always get compliments when I wear it. In fact, I got one today! It looks like I paid a fortune for it, but they’re only $20 each! There are many colors available in stainless steel, and four leather bracelet options, too. To check out the selection of beautiful Zedora bracelets, go to www.zedorajewelry.com. You can order by calling 1-866-998-4439.

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  1. Thanks Susan for taking the time to Review Snappy Socks. I love making Parents' lives just a bit easier that they don't have to sort or lose socks anymore!

    Corla- Snappy Socks


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