Friday, December 07, 2012

Give the Gift of Exciting Games from Blue Orange Games!

All four of my boys love board games, and we enjoy discovering new ones that we can play together. A great place to look is at Blue Orange Games! They have a fantastic selection of wooden games, tin games, pocket games, and more. Earlier in the year, I told you about their super-fun Spot It! game. My twins still pull it out all the time to play. But now they’re also consumed with a new game from Blue Orange Games called Dragon Face!

My son, Caleb, loves chess, so this game is perfect for him. Dragon Face is very similar, but there are only three kinds of pieces: Emperors, Ambassadors, and Governors. Like chess, each piece moves and captures in a different way. But, unlike chess, when you capture your opponent’s piece by jumping it, you get to flip it over and turn it into one of your pieces! The first player to capture his opponent’s Emperor wins the game. Watch this brief video for a peek at how the game works:

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Caleb and I have been playing this game together, and we love it! Even the packaging is fun, with the woven game mat, colorful disks in a bag, and the bright red tin canister for storage. It’s super-easy to carry with you, and you don’t have to worry about a box getting crushed or taking up shelf space. Dragon Face makes a fantastic gift for ages 8 and up.

When you're doing your holiday shopping, I hope you’ll head over to to check out their full selection of fun and exciting games. They have award-winning games for all ages, from the very young to adult. Visit them on Facebook, too!


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