Friday, November 09, 2012

Top 10 Items Needed for Holiday Road Trips @kia #kiaholidays

I’m a happy member of the Kia Social Club, not only because I really love Kia cars but because the Kia Social Club gives me some great blogging ideas! This time, they asked me to write about holiday road trips. First, let me state that I absolutely hate traveling for the holidays. Traffic is slow, flights are delayed, weather is bad … need I say more? So, I try to avoid holiday travel whenever I can, and I don’t have a lot of holiday road trip stories to share because of that philosophy. However, I do have some ideas for those of you who are braver than me and will be traveling this season, especially if you’ll have children in tow. Here are parents’ top 10 items needed for holiday road trips:

When we were on a road trip this past summer, we were traveling in a rural area and it was difficult to find food. As a result, one of my sons got sick on the road because he hadn’t eaten enough. Next time, I’ll be sure to travel with plenty of snacks to keep little (and big) tummies full!

Planned Stops
This isn’t a tangible item, but something you should plan ahead of time. If your journey is more than a couple of hours, plan some bathroom breaks and maybe even some sightseeing opportunities along the way. It will break up the monotony of a long car ride and give your family an extra opportunity to see some fun places!

Barf Bags, Towels and Extra Clothes
Despite our best efforts to keep our kids well-fed, it’s still possible that they will get sick! Be sure to have some empty plastic bags and towels on hand in case someone starts feeling queasy, as well as extra clothes to change into. Have an extra bag to store the dirty clothes and towels so you can seal them up and keep them separated from your other belongings.

A portable DVD or Blu-Ray player is a must-have if your vehicle doesn’t have one built in. Purchase several movies that your family hasn’t seen yet so they’ll get your children’s full attention!

Holiday Music, Audiobooks, etc.
It wouldn’t be the holidays without listening to holiday music! I have fond memories of holiday car trips to/from my grandmother’s house when I was a kid. We listened to the audio version of A Christmas Carol on the radio and then sang along to Christmas songs! But don’t be surprised if the kids start covering their ears when you belt out “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at the top of your lungs!

Video Games
I’m all for limiting video game time, but you might want to make an exception for long holiday road trips. Save some new games for your trip to guarantee plenty of hours of entertainment!

Keep a bag of toys in the car (nothing noisy, or you’ll regret it!). Head over to the dollar store and stock up on inexpensive toys that your kids can discover in the car! Don’t hand them all of the toys at once. Parcel them out slowly as they get bored.

Don’t forget the holiday presents for your loved ones. If the car is going to be packed with people and belongings, consider shipping gifts ahead of time so they can be waiting for you on arrival.

Fresh Tires, Windshield Wipers, etc.
Safety is always important. Be sure to check your tires and windshield wipers several days before you depart. You’ll want to be prepared in case you run into some difficult road conditions. And get that “funny noise in the engine” checked out, too!

This is probably the most important requirement for parents to have during holiday road trips. Focus on making your journey a pleasurable memory. No, you can’t always control the kids fighting in the back seat or tummy troubles, but with proper preparation you can increase the odds of making your journey a fun and safe adventure.

Now it’s your turn! What are your top 10 items needed for your holiday road trips?

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