Thursday, November 01, 2012

Teres Kids: Super Comfortable Clothing!

A few years ago, a little girl at our church always showed up in the same dress every week. Knowing that this family was not financially strapped, I wondered why she never wore anything else. I finally found out that she has tactile sensitivity, a condition that can make regular clothing feel uncomfortable. The dress she was wearing was the only fancy outfit she had that felt good on her skin! Many children have this condition, or are especially sensitive to tags or seams that feel itchy. My son, Austen, is always asking me to cut off his tags. But when he pulled on a shirt that we recently received from Teres Kids, the first thing he said was, “I love this shirt! It feels so soft!”

All of the shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, and other clothing items at Teres Kids are created for children who are bothered by the feel of regular clothes. Of course, Teres Kids clothing is so adorable that any child can wear and love it! Check out the fun shirts that my boys have from Teres Kids:

Teres Kids clothing is made with 100% organic cotton in the USA, and contains no itchy seams, tags or rough fabrics. Like my son, your child will really feel the difference when he or she wears these clothes. They feel SO good! Check out some of the other adorable styles at Teres Kids:

If you have a child with tactile sensitivity, eczema or other conditions that make clothing feel uncomfortable -- or even if you’re just looking for some high-quality affordable clothing for your children -- I hope you’ll check out the beautiful apparel at Teres Kids. You can learn more through the links below.

Teres Kids Website:


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